Jan Lawrence

Hello, I’m Jan Lawrence, a founder and director of In Equilibrium who aim to help people achieve their full potential by providing them with skills to manage the challenges faced in today’s workplace. We deliver expert in-house workplace training and consultancy in the following areas: Developing Resilience, Stress Management, Mental Health Awareness, Preventing Bullying, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Personal Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Corporate Coaching. Although based in Fife since our beginning in 1998, our network of trainers is spread across all areas of the UK, providing our services to minimise the risk of stress and enhance wellbeing within organisations in all sectors. We specialise in practical training for leaders, managers and employees that emphasises self-care and changing behaviours to build resilience and help manage workplace pressures. 

Website: http://www.in-equilibrium.co.uk/